5 Types of honey and their benefits.

Honey is the only food that is said to have all the nutrients and enzymes necessary to sustain a body with energy.

Acacia Honey

As one of the most popular honey varieties, acacia honey is also produced in Kenya and is recognized in appearance as light and clear honey. 

Benefits-Acacia honey is widely popular with people suffering from diabetes as it is used as a substitute for sugar to reduce blood sugar levels. 

Avocado Honey

Unlike the name, avocado honey does not carry the avocado taste. Its name originated from the California avocado blossoms which the honey is extracted from. This type of honey is described to be dark-colored in appearance with a rich buttery flavor.

Benefits-  The antioxidants make the honey a good remedy for deficiencies such as iron, calcium, and magnesium among others. 


Benefits – According to research, Jarrah honey is a natural remedy for wounds,  and skin problems.   It is described as a dark -amber that has a caramel flavor.                                                                                                                                                                                  

Sourwood Honey

Also carrying a caramel taste, sourwood honey a is light-colored, delicate honey variety of Honey also carrying a  caramel with a slight  taste that can be compared to the taste of gingerbread.  

Benefits –There are a lot of benefits that come with sourwood honey. These are functions such as fighting bacteria, as a remedy for skin conditions, healing wounds, and also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. 


Orange blossom Honey

Often a combination of citrus sources, orange blossom honey is light colored in appearance with a citrus taste. 

Benefits- there is no extensive research on this type but it is said to be effective in calming and stamping out muscle spasms.

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