5 diffrent ways you CAN TEST if your honey is pure.

Lately many unscrupulous business people tend to sell adulterated honey to consumers and in Kenya it is all too common to hear one person or the other complaining of food poisoning after consuming this said honey sold casually by hawkers and other vendors.


If you do not wish to use your thumb use a spoon or a cooking stick. Dip your tool of choice into the honey and then remove it and hold it up.

You will know if the honey is pure if it drips slowly down. Adulterated honey will spill over almost spontaneously like water. 

If you have a dish or bowl ideally white in color, In a small bowl, preferably a white bowl, in it put a spoonful of honey and then add a quarter cup of water into the bowl and swirl until the honey starts to form a honeycomb-like shape. If you do not do this then the honey is adulterated. 

After pouring some water into a glass, add a  spoonful of honey into the honey. If the honey is pure it will sink to the bottom while if it is not it will mix with the water to end up with one solution. 

In a bowl or container, mix a spoonful of honey and water then to the mixture add four drops of vinegar. If the honey has foam then it is not pure. 

Take a matchstick and sink it into the honey then light it up. If it lights up then you are sure that the honey is pure since it does not have any additives such as water that will wet the matchstick. You can also take a spoonful of honey and immerse a paper into it and try to light it up. If it also lights up then the honey is pure

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