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years of service we have provided honey successfully

Nyukilicious Kenya that operates as a trade name for all honey farming business and its bi-products production aims at focusing on agriculture with a specialty in apiculture. Our passion for agriculture as the owners pushed us into apiculture farming in 2020. The business is located in Kinango, Tata and it deals with producing and selling honey BI-products. We have our honey brand name Nyukilicious. The business currently serves coast and Nairobi region markets and has been growing its customer reach. As part of expansion plans we seek to increase our hive capacity and also engage farmers around the coastal areas around Kwale for honey supply.


We process different kind of honey flavours to improve our market and customer serving.

We also process bee wax scented candles made with essential oil.

Vision: We enhance the quality of life and contribute to a healthier future by encouraging honey consumption for healthier communities.

Mission: Produce world-class honey and its byproducts of the highest consistent quality, reliability, and convenience. We also seek to protect the environment by committing to environmentally sound business practices.

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Human use of natural honey is said to be traced from around 8000 years ago . The ancient Egyptians,Assyrians ,Chinese and other cultures used honey to apply on wounds and gut diseases.

Produced from the pollen of plants that are naturally grown, Organic honey can only be reared and harvested under certain laid-out regulations hence is illegal in some countries like UK.

Honey is considered safe for consumption if the methods of making and harvesting are in accordance with the 5-8 mile distance rule away from nearby artificial chemical manufacturers for organic honey

Core Features

Making honey
is a complex and unique process

With activities like hive movement and inspections when it comes to the process of making honey ,be it natural and organic production to artificial queen rearing there is quite a process in order to come out in the end with the finished product.

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