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Sweet Success: Years of Service in the Honey Business!

Nyukilicious Kenya that operates as a trade name for all honey farming business and its bi-products production aims at focusing on agriculture with a specialty in apiculture.

Nyukilicious is not just a honey producer; it is a community-driven enterprise with a strong commitment to sustainability and a mission to address the global honey shortage while uplifting the lives of Kinango residents.

We strive to be a catalyst for positive change by producing high-quality honey and its valuable by-products, all while being mindful of the challenges posed by climate change and theft, and the potential of beekeeping to transform lives in our community.


We process pure honey and different kind of honey flavours to improve our market and customer serving.

We also process bee wax scented candles made with essential oil and looking to add more honey and Beewax products.


We enhance the quality of life and contribute to a healthier future by encouraging honey consumption for healthier communities

Mission: Produce world-class honey and its byproducts of the highest consistent quality, reliability, and convenience. We also seek to protect the environment by committing to environmentally sound business practices.

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Human use of natural honey is said to be traced from around 8000 years ago . The ancient Egyptians,Assyrians ,Chinese and other cultures used honey to apply on wounds and gut diseases. Produced from the pollen of plants that are naturally grown, Organic honey can only be reared and harvested under certain laid-out regulations hence is illegal in some countries like UK.

Bees are vital in addressing climate change due to their role in pollination, biodiversity support, and carbon sequestration through plant growth. They contribute to ecosystem resilience, act as environmental indicators, and help ensure food security amidst shifting environmental conditions. Protecting bee populations and their habitats is crucial for mitigating climate change impacts and maintaining a healthy planet.

Honey is deemed safe for consumption when it adheres to the guidelines, ensuring that the processes of production and harvesting occur within a 5-8 mile radius from neighboring artificial chemical manufacturers for organic honey. Nyukilicious farm is located at the Heart of Kwale plains in Tata where the land is largely for grazing. No manufacturing firm are located near by. Farming is organically done Bees plays a role in carbon offset initiatives by fostering robust ecosystems and stimulating plant growth, thus indirectly aiding in the removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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Honey Production: A Distinct and Intricate Process

This complex and specialized process results in the creation of honey, a delicious and versatile natural sweetener with various flavors and characteristics influenced by the types of flowers visited by the bees.

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