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5 ways to know if the honey you are buying is pure or adulterated.

5 diffrent ways you CAN TEST if your honey is pure. Lately many unscrupulous business people tend to sell adulterated honey to consumers and in Kenya it is all too common to hear one person or the other complaining of food poisoning after consuming this said honey sold casually by…

Types of honey and their benefits.

5 Types of honey and their benefits. Honey is the only food that is said to have all the nutrients and enzymes necessary to sustain a body with energy.Acacia HoneyAs one of the most popular honey varieties, acacia honey is also produced in Kenya and is recognized in appearance as…

5 fascinating facts about honey

5 fascinating facts about honey. Honey is 80% sugar and 20% water.  Honey can sustain life It is the only food that is said to possess the ability to sustain life due to its rich properties in enzymes, minerals, and other nutrients required by the body.  It has an eternal…

5 uses of honey you didn’t know

aMAZING BENEFITS OF HONEY YOU NEVER KNEW. Honey has been used since the stone age period by the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, and other ancient cultures that time used honey for different purposes mostly medicinal. Let us look at some of the different ways you can put honey to good use.…

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