Honey has been used since the stone age period by the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, and other ancient cultures that time used honey for different purposes mostly medicinal. Let us look at some of the different ways you can put honey to good use.

1. As a beauty product –Honey is famous for being a key component in many beauty skin products. These are the enzymes present in honey that provide a moisturizing effect from deep within the skin cells.  because it has a moisturizing effect on the skin. Honey performs a variety of functions like :

i) Acting as a gentle exfoliator-As opposed to artificial exfoliators, honey is kinder to the skin meaning they do not cause reddening and irritation when used. What honey is is exfoliate the skin by getting rid of dead skin cells which in turn also leaves your skin with a brighter complexion.

ii) Preventing sunburn -Honey is an amazing remedy for sunburns because it has properties that reduce inflammation and supply nutrients to damaged tissues. 

iii)Lightening scars-As a natural moisturizer, honey leaves the skin soft and also lightens the scars.  

iv)Skin lightening  and 

v)To fight acne and pimples-the now familiar antibacterial properties and anti-inflammatory properties of homey assist in getting rid of excess oil on the skin surface and also clearing out  clogged pores which are the cause of pimples and acne

       2. For medical purposes -As previously stated, since the ancient period honey was used to apply to cuts and wounds. In the modern period, medical researchers have studied the components of honey and how they can be used for medical purposes. Here are some of the uses. 

i)To treat burns – the components of honey make it able to fight off infections and significantly reduce burn healing time. According to research from studytrustedsource, it was concluded that honey has healing properties when they conducted an experiment and compared honey to sulfadiazine. The results showed that honey made sterilized wounds in a shorter period of time. It also enhanced healing and left little scarring as compared to the other form of treatment. 

ii)Honey and memory – Onestudytrustedsource also conducted another experiment on women post menopause stage. Results showed that after weeks of consuming honey as per instructions indicated an improvement in their immediate recollection or memory just like the ones who were given hormone therapy. 

iii)Diabetes – According to research, The glycemic index of honey is significantly lower than that of pure sugar and therefore serves best as an alternative. A glycemic index refers to the order of giving numbers to foods containing carbohydrates in accordance with how much each food raises blood sugar levels.  This aids in maintaining optimum sugar levels in the body. 

iv) Wounds and ulcers – research conducted by Mayo Clinic indicates that apart from reducing healing time and sterilizing wounds, and cuts, honey also reduces pain, bad odor, and the size of the wound. In addition to this its antibacterial properties enable it to fight off bacteria that are immune to antibiotics and ulcers and wounds from burns or surgeries.




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