5 fascinating facts about honey.

Honey is 80% sugar and 20% water. 

Honey can sustain life

It is the only food that is said to possess the ability to sustain life due to its rich properties in enzymes, minerals, and other nutrients required by the body. 

It has an eternal shelf life.

Honey does not have an expiration date. -Honey is one of the few foods that are known to have an eternal shelf life. As long as it is stored correctly, honey can be used over long stretches of time. 

Not all bees make honey and not all honey is made by bees.

Research done in 2013 involved a survey of honey wasp nests in Texas to learn honey behavior. It showed these wasps from Mexico can make honey but it may not be fit for consumption due to the flowers the wasp tends to visit.  

When harvesting honey beekeepers only take what is extra

One bee colony makes about two to three times more honey than it needs to use during the winter season. During the harvesting period, the keepers only take a little honey and in some instances go ahead to feed them with sugar syrup after harvesting. 

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